Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was featured in the STORQUE!

I noticed quite a few people "hearted" me on etsy at about the same time during the day...which is a good tip-off that I got some press. Sure enough, after checking the "heart-0-matic" I saw that I had indeed gotten a set of salt and pepper shakers featured in Etsy's blog. This was a big encouragement to me on a day that I really should have been fired from my position as CEO of Housekeeping of this Home for being so completely inept at it.

But hey...no matter how much I screw up at my real job, I got featured in Etsy-land!

(and they are sold and heading out the door tomorrow morning)


Tiffany said...

That's great!! And fun! {grin}

Sara said...

lol..i think we all fail as CEO of our households on occassion but thankfully we have loving husbands who don't fire us :)

Congrats!!! Yeah for Etsy Land!

Into Vintage said...

I heart etsy.

I also noticed on craft cult you've been on etsy's front page 9 times!! Etsy hearts you. :-) -amy

ness said...

Wow Amy...where did you find that stat? I gotta find that!!!

: )

my goal for the year is to get featured as a seller. I've got a LONG way to go, but it's a step in the right direction!

Keri said...

the board of directors(or is it shareholders? who does a CEO report to?) of the company that I am the CEO of asked kindly this morning if i could put away the clean laundry. Crap.
Yay on the Etsy!!

Into Vintage said...


Click 'search for member' and type in your etsy shop name. Voila! Just in case you were wondering why there were so many views on a particular day...now you know.

Do you receive the 'etsy success' and 'etsy finds' emails/feeds? Really helpful. Now please go be the featured seller so you can tell me how to do it! :-) -amy

ness said...

omigosh! That's so cool...I never noticed that tab before! I had no idea about some of those treasuries! And I like that it shows when you get picked as an alternate.

Amy, you are way ahead of me in a lot of ways. You have a nice, distinct look and theme to your blog and shop. Mine is such a crazy hodge podge. I'm in the process of redoing all my photos to match....one of the things I keep reading in all the etsy suggestions. Now if the sun would just come out so I can get a decent pic!

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