Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help If You Can

If you want to help with the Earthquake in Haiti, you can donate here to Compassion International. I sponsor a little girl through Compassion and I know they are an excellent organization with a lot of contacts in Haiti already. I felt confident that a gift to them would be distributed quickly and with wisdom.

I have a good friend from college who has been trying to adopt two little boys for over a year now. They were literally weeks away from having it wrapped up finally when this happened. The problem is paperwork, which is a nightmare there already. My cousin and his wife have also been trying to adopt four boys from Haiti as well. They have also been frustrated by paperwork. I know they would all like to just go and get their boys and I can't imagine how frustrated and worried they are right now.

I hope you can think of some creative ways to make a contribution to help. Don't be afraid that it's too big of a problem to actually do something to help. Just jump in and do what you can.


Cyndi said...

Thanks for this idea, Vanessa.

Life with Kaishon said...

Kaishon's school is having a hats for Haiti day on Friday. And they were supposed to take in 50 cents today. Kaishon took in $42. All of his Birthday money. I am sad to say I tried to talk him out of it. I said "Kaishon that is TOO much. You can't give that much to Haiti. That is all your Birthday money." and he said "I've seen what is happening there. They don't have anything. I want to give them all I have to help." And then I cried. I cried because I want to be more like that. Giving all I have to help. I should do a post about this.

stephanie garcia said...

Vanessa, was your cousin able to bring his children home??

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