Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality

The kids just headed out the door to school for the first time since Christmas break. I know I should be doing a happy dance....but I think...I think I miss them.

When I was in college, I was never homesick once during my freshman year. But Sophomore year....I thought I'd be physically sick I was so sad. It was like I realized for real that I wasn't ever going to go home again. It feels like that with the kids. I was glad to see them off in the fall, but after hanging out over break with them, laughing, watching movies, playing lots of wii, eating junk food because I barely cooked, sleeping in....I miss them. I really do. This house is way too quiet.

I guess I'd better do some work.

or maybe another cup of coffee first.


betty crocker said...

Too bad we weren't close enough for you shuffle over in slippers and have coffee with me....there's some chocolate banana bread laying around here that I can't eat.

Tiffany said...

This is partly why I cannot send my children to school in the first place! Ha! I am a sucker for them. {grin}

Life with Kaishon said...

I don't like the end of break either. I don't like this whole growing up thing in the slightest. It hurts my heart.

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