Thursday, December 03, 2009

Something Beautiful

I made things today. This was one of the things I made. It's called, a mess. It was kind of awesome. I wore my leg-warmers and my favorite old shirt of Robb's that is now my art-shirt. At one point I kept feeling my teeth and they felt weird. I went the bathroom and saw a schmear of black grout across my two front teeth. And then I tried to cut a shard while holding it in my mouth because my hands were full and I cut my lip. And my friend Annie brought me lunch and watched me cut up plates and let me work and talk at the same time. It was awesome. Now, if only I had something finished to show for it....The only thing that is this day. Time for a comfy chair, a glass of wine, a chic tv show....and some lip balm. ouchie.

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Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, it sounds so painful. The lip. But that mess is beautiful! A wonderful mess. I can see the beauty in all of that.

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