Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mosaic Flower Pots: Check

SEVERAL weeks ago, the owner of the garden center called to ask me to make more mosaic flower pots. She provides me withe terracotta base and I make what seems good to me. Except this time, she wanted me to make a second black pot to match one I had made months ago and another extra large 4 season pot since the other one sold a while ago. With all that has gone on around here, I was really having a hard time getting into making these, but I finally forced myself to sit down and start on Wednesday afternoon. By Friday afternoon, I was able to grout them all, which is the part of the process when I slice my hands to ribbons. I must admit that this batch was harder to part with, especially the four season one, which was made of as much glass as china. But when I carried them into the shop, they all stopped and gasped...always a nice way to enter a room! I'm being sure to put these up on the blog mostly so that if I ever need to reference them again, I have a pictorial record!

And also, just a heads up that if you are interested in a mosaic for a Christmas gift, be sure to let me know. I can do custom work, and mosaics make great mom and mother-in-law gifts!


Into Vintage said...

These look lovely!

I used to do a little mosaic-ing and after the glue dried but before I grouted, I ran sandpaper or a file over the super sharp edges to dull them enough to handle them safely. Didn't take much time and probably saved me a trip to the e.r. ;-)

Sara said... you think Carl and I can afford your work? I know that my mother-inlaw would just love to add one of these to her collection. I'm thinking something in pastel colors like pink and blue which are the colors of the walls in her home. Let me know..FB sometime with some prices.

bina said...

These are truly beautiful, Vanessa. I may need to consider one for my mother-in-law this Christmas. I would love one myself, but I'm trying to make space in my tiny house right now, so not adding anything new. :-)

flower pots said...

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