Sunday, October 25, 2009

Seriously? Seriously.

ok, so just so we are straight on this:

The kids went back to school
We lost Kevin.
The closing got moved 41 times.
Mattie turned 10.
We moved in.
I got the flu.
Robb started traveling again.
The craft fair went down.
We all got the stomach flu.
And we hosted a slumber party for 5 girls.
Yup. That's some of it anyway.

Wednesday night, while Robb was in Florida and I was home here alone, we both were struck down with that horrible flu. I can't even imagine what it must have been like in the faraway hotel room where Robb was doomed to revisit a steak and peanut butter pie, but I can tell you that for me, it was the kind of flu that causes a person to put a foot-stool in front of the toilet because you are a too tired to stand up and hurl anymore, and your stomach hurts too bad to lie down anyway, but when you fall asleep with your head resting on your knees, you REALLY have to get your wits about you to remember in time what you are sitting on and what you are puking into.

So let me ask you this, Blog-o-sphere: How do you come back from having absolutely no reserve strength? I mean there a vitamin I should be taking or some kind of yoga routine I need to start? Because I currently seem to have the constitution of a newborn kitten. If there is a virus out there, it isn't content to take me lunch money, it goes ahead and gives me atomic wedgie at the same time. I am so weak, there was a 20 dollar refrigerator and a rocking chair we needed for church at a garage sale down the street and I was too winded by walking there to fight for them and let them both slip through my fingers: THAT's JUST SAD, I TELL YA!

So go ahead, lay it on me: your best advice for building up some intestinal fortitude, for healing, for wellness. I'm all ears (and saggy jeans.)

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Anonymous said...

I start by drinking lots of water.




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