Monday, August 03, 2009

A Weird Day.

Robb's sermon this week was on generosity and I have to admit that it is hard for me. I wish it wasn't, but it seems like I am always keeping such a tight watch on everything it is hard for me to just give. The truth is, that often, I am not worried so much about if God will provide or if we will "make it" but I'm worried that I will screw up and cost the family through being lazy (resulting in eating out) getting overwhelmed (resulting in Robb having to pick up the slack) or wearing out (resulting in unnecessary medical bills). I don't distrust God. I am very fearful of my screwing up. Which of course, leads to screwing up.

So anyway, I was prompted by God during the sermon to invite someone over for dinner. I told Robb about it afterward and he suggest a couple or two, and I blurted out, "How about Candice and Cheyne (and by extension their four kids). I knew the roast I put in the oven was small, but I felt pretty sure that we could make it work. And we did. We had a great meal and a good time and lots of laughter. It's been quite a while since I had Sunday dinner company and I forgot how much I really do love to feed people and hang out on Sundays (Wolfgangs.)

Afterwards, they treated us to an evening without our kids, scooping them all up for a sleepover. Robb and I felt like we had a chance to catch up on a lot of conversations that were overshadowed by the new house and all the drama it entailed. It is always good to slip back into that part of yourself that is not Mommy.

I woke up as Robb was leaving for work and had a crazy-productive day. It was a beta-test of how things will be with all three kids in school and let me tell you, much as I enjoy not having to run out the door in the morning, I am going to LOVE being able to work without interruptions! I was able to work on my etsy shop, mosaic, listen to my daily audio Bible podcast, chat with a friend, do three loads of laundry, make a nice meal, and pick up the house...I haven't been that productive since....JUNE!

The kids came home exhausted, muddy and covered in seed ticks. Which resulted in a fairly hilarious evening of getting VERY acquainted with every square inch of my getting-big kids. I doubt I would have had the energy or calm to deal with them if I hadn't had such a great day.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

More door to door meat sales people? sweaty neighbor kids in search of their playmates? record heat? a pesky puppy thinking up more things to chew up and wreck in my back yard?

never a dull moment.


CK Lunchbox said...

How 'bout a cat in heat - I just used a flip-flop to slap the crap out of one that had been standing outside my door sounding like you know what. Meeeeooooooow

Sara said...

I have to be careful to not be too generous ( i know is there even such a thing) but seriously. My issue is that i can become so focused on giving to others that i neglect the needs we have at home. And the Lord never desires for us to neglect the needs of our family.

So i think either way..we must strive to find the balance between being stingy and being not stingy...oh i wish this thing would be easier sometimes

Life with Kaishon said...

I just loved this post so much. I re read it twice.

Is this wierd to say, but sometimes I worry that I am too giving. It sounds wierd to even type it. I love giving. Sometimes I give to the detriment of Kaish and Gary.

I think that word is spelled wrong too. I think I should kick all the kids out of the house and take a nap so that I could spell better. Or at least be cool enough to look it up.

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