Monday, August 03, 2009

Take One, Leave One

At Vintage for the past few weeks, we have had a table set up where you can leave a prayer request written on a small card and dropped in a basket. We encourage people to take one when they leave one. Some amazing things have happened in the past few weeks, too.

The kids are spending the day with their friends and I am getting a glimpse of life when school starts...footloose and kiddy free. I'm working feverishly in my studio and it's amazing what it is like for one's creativity to not have to break up any lego arguments.

So while I work, I can pray. Have a need? Leave it in the comments. And if you leave a request, take some time to pray for one and mention which one you are taking.

I'm worried about money today. There are a lot of extra doo dabs that happen in August, not to mention getting our fees and closing costs together for the closing in September. I know that God always provides, but so far, the math isn't so good. Pray that I'll be productive with this gift of a day and maybe earn some of the money we need for some extra bills.

What I can I pray for you?


Sara said...

I'll definately be praying for you. My request sounds silly but pray that i won't eat anymore breadsticks or pizza today. I've been doing so well and the negative about having a free day is if you have leftovers from that day. I know small and petty compared to others but it's a really big deal to me to work at losing this weight...i want to be healthy and I need to stay on track inorder to do so.

Anonymous said...

Pray for housing need of duplex and our house. Relationship, Friendship needs. School enrolling. Not freaking out of the minutiae of details. My stomach other areas are acting up.
thanks for asking. I feel very alone.


12-arrows said...

WOW I love that, "put in a request, take a request" thats so cool and what a way to get a church praying over the needs of each other without having to voice them all, and some people (like me) are reluctant to share them or voice them out loud. Way cool........also I will be praying for you as you work towards closing on your new home. I am so excited for your family. God will provide as He always does I'm learning that, unfortunately, the hard way! Its ok though He'll see us all through if we choose to be faithful in our walk. Also I'm learning to not center my prayers on me and the needs of our family so much but on the needs of others and how I might possibly bless them, which is hard considering we have absolutely nothing by the worlds standards, but God still prods my heart forward. Its a good day today, exciting in some ways and I can even smile without hesitation!

Tally said...

I love that idea! You're making me want to go to your church....but I just can't make that drive 6 days a week. Wouldn't be prudent. Unless the Lord prompts.

And He ALWAYS provides. And I believe if he doesn't, you didn't need it. He knows best. He really does. :)

ness said...

i'm gonna pray that He does promptthat exact thing because I think VF would love them some Tally.

wendy said...

that i can lose the amount of weight i want (it seems like an impossibly HUGE number). i know i can do it, but i need strength with my daily choices regarding it.

dang weight.


ps how can you get a copy of ron's book, again?

Life with Kaishon said...

What a great idea. We have all been praying for you and your house already : ). Can you pray for Naji? It is so hard to take him back to his home and the bad environment. It just about breaks my heart. And school is coming, so it is time to go. And I can't stop crying. And wishing he could stay forever.

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