Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm in Love

Of all the things I love about china mosaic, my favorite thing of all is the backstamp. I've made three pieces so far devoted entirely to the joy and wonder I feel when I turn a plate over and see an inky mark under the glaze that tells me where this thing came from, how old it is, who made it, and by extension, the journey this piece has been on to get to my little studio.

I finished my third piece tonight and sat down to wonder if anyone else shares my strange obsession. It turns out, they do.

I give you, "Made in England" by Emma Biggs. I just found her website, but I'm pretty sure we could be best friends.


Anonymous said...

LOVE THE STAMP!!! So disappointed yesterday at a garage sale (hundreds in Alma because of the Highland festival) and some cool Christmas plates read "GIBSON"..ick. NO thanks.


I can't sign in..I'm anon I guess


The platter you showed me today was an absolute masterpiece! Can I come over someday and just watch you work? I want to know exactly how you do it! Now I'm going to be accumulating plates (that I'll never get around to using)! You inspire me!

ness said...

annie, you have no idea how many of your plates I cut up in my head today ;)

Lunch was so fun!

Life with Kaishon said...

I have never broken one or made a mosaic, but I think those stamps are cool too! Very fascinating.


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