Saturday, March 07, 2009


I worked at the gallery today. Robb called to say that he had found something he really wanted to buy. Not one single person had come into the gallery the whole time I was there. I told Robb that if I sold something, he could buy it.

10 minutes later, an interesting couple came in and bought the mailbox. It took more time for them to write their check than it took for them to decide to buy it.

So I called Robb back to say that he could make his purchase. He told me that my daughters were in the car, praying for me to sell something. Vin informed the girls that he didn't thing that God cared about stuff like that. They said He did.

It turns out they were right.


bosqeaux said...

whoooooo is that????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother B said...

Are you going to call it Mailbox?

klasieprof said...

HOw about..."Stamp" or "Canceled" or...TELL US THE NAME!!

Sara said...

Wow, that is so cute... hopefully Cid won't be real jealous.

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