Sunday, March 08, 2009

Her Name is Peggy

There was very little debate over the naming of this dog. Robb got top choice because he will be getting up at night with this baby. He likes his women like his coffee...strong. That put a few names on the table...Elizabeth (as in Dole), Margaret (as in Thatcher) and Peggy (as in Peggy Noonan, speech writer and biographer of Ronald Reagan.)

Peggy stuck. But Margaret Thatcher isn't a bad runner up, is it?


Mini Me's Room said...


Jess said...

She's adorable! :) I'm not going to tell my family about your newest because they will convince me we need to dupe our landlords and get a dog anyway even though we are not allowed, which as you know, IS BAD BAD BAD! :)

ness said...

Jess, get a turtle! They are so much fun.

I know this because our first dog was supposed to be a turtle.

tee hee.

Heidi said...

So cute!!! I wish I had a little extra patience so I could get a dog for the kids. I decide I want to and then have visions of Josh or Tucker picking up poop in the backyard and eating it.

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