Thursday, March 19, 2009

Geeky Smart

When Vin got his note to invite him into the Gifted and Talented program, Mattie shrugged..."Oh well, I'm not geeky smart." And then she got hers a day later.

On Tuesday night, they had their GT program, which consisted of Vin showing off the Spanish he'd learned in a recitation with his classmates and Mattie was part of a game-show. They had those awesome quiz buzzers that many of us used during BIBLE QUIZZING back in the day. She cracked us up with her competitiveness. It's as if that girl is related to her Daddy and Mommy. My batteries were croaking, but I think you can see just how very much she wanted to win, which made it an exciting quiz show for everyone.


wendy said...

oh my goodness...i used to LOVE gt. it was great in elementary, and when i went through the program in middle school (i think it's the same way now) you got to pick a certain class to be in for the from different art classes, shakespeare, poetry, set design--it was just a fantastic program!

Mini Me's Room said...

did her team win?

Candice Houston said...

I. Loved. GT. Wait til they do the Shakespeare festival!
I played so many boys it was crazy.
I love your spawn!

Life with Kaishon said...

Exciting stuff despite the croaking batteries. Congratulations on having not one, but two, brilliant children. I am sure Charleigh will be brilliant too. I know you will still love her dearly if she isn't geeky smart like the others. I love my own little NON geeky smart child with all my heart.

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