Friday, February 13, 2009

I made the Front Page!!!!!

I made the front page of etsy!!!!!!!!!!! And I learned how to make a screenshot!!!!!!!!! I am using gratuitous exclamation marks!!!!!!! I should wait until can calm down enough to be cool to post this!!!!!!!! I'm going to fail miserably at that!!!!!!!!!

The saddle shoes are mine, by the way.

good. No exclamation marks there.

WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

(yeah, I'm just going to fail miserably at being cool.)


aem said...

congratulations! i was just showing my co-worker all of your mosaics and she is amazed. i married into the most talented family every. you are awesome. :)

ness said...

You're the jewel in our crown, My Dear! Please, rub a little coolness on me. It's obvious I need it.

Heidi said...

AWESOME! I would totally lose my cool if that happened.

Anonymous said...

What! I think it is pretty damn cool to be on Etsy at all. So. I think your cool factor just went up. Regardless of the !!!!!!!!!

So. So. Happy for you. Now that you are celebrated artist... don't go cuttin' off your ear or anything.

CK Lunchbox said...

Have you been droppin' Jesus Acid again, Ness?

(Coolness! You and your talent truly are the bomb digity!)

klasieprof said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah. I am pretty sure he said "bomb digity".
I didn't know your brother spoke my people's language- ebonics!

Kool Beanz said...


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