Monday, February 09, 2009

Great Weekend

Sometimes Mondays are so hard because the weekend was so nice. Friday night, we got the kids the first Harry Potter movie because Mattie and Vin both finished it during the ice storm. Charleigh went to bed after a long day of playing LPS (that's Littlest Pet Shop for future reference) and Robb and I finally got a chance to just talk to one another and get caught up. Saturday morning let us sleep in a little and make a big family breakfast (my favorite) and then, for the Gallery open house, I made Buckeyes and Almond Joy bon bons (except I made them with pecans instead of almonds and they were so good I almost cried a little bit when I ate one....or six).

It was a blast to get dressed up and go OUT! I so seldom wear a dress anymore, I feel downright glamorous. And most of our friends have never seen Robb wear a suit jacket! I think that Anita and Edward, the gallery owners, were delighted by the crowd, and I was so proud to show off my friends. You all made my night so special and I can't thank you enough.

And then, we finished the night BIG with a bag of cheeseburgers from McDonalds, falling asleep on the couch watching Antiques Roadshow. Because that's the kind of crazy, sexy, cool people we are!

Sunday was another great day at Vintage Fellowship where Robb started the traditional relationship series. Even after 12 years, I still find Robb the most compelling person I know. I get mad at him. He drives me nuts sometimes. But I find him endlessly intriguing with the way he thinks. I remember the first time I ever heard him speak: in Bible college to one his class chapels. I was on the fence about dating him, but after hearing him, I just decided that I really had to find out where he was going in life and I didn't want to miss anything after that.

We had a lunch meeting with the Oversight Team, which I suppose is the VF version of trustees? Deacons? The people we are accountable to. As we got up to leave the meeting after praying together, I just said, "I love you guys." I really do. What amazing people God has brought together for the purpose of this church. I trust these people. That's an amazing feeling after being in churches over the years where we felt sometimes that people would sooner like to use as human dart boards.

We have a Sunday night tradition of watching AFV and Extreme Makeover together, and we make the kids hot chocolate and toast for supper. I have sooooo missed this time the last three weeks while Robb was traveling and it was nice to get back into the groove.

And's Monday morning and it's time to dive into another busy week. We are still dealing with ice storm damage. Still readying for the Garden Center opening. Still dealing with the house in MI issues. Still wondering what God is going to do to help us. Still hopeful. Still waiting. Still working.


gerbmom said...

buckeyes......I want buckeyes....

Anonymous said...

As we left the show, I asked Garrett if he wanted to get something to eat- he replied, "ugh! no... I am still full from the 60 buckeyes I ate."

Sara said...

Can you send me some of those buckeyes for a pre-labor gift? Yummy!!

Mini Me's Room said...

I tried your advice... and After wards I felt happy, relived, and fulfilled, much more than usual. Thank You.

Life with Kaishon said...

Never lose hope. Holy cow. Those almond joy things made me cry too. I want one (or 6)(or 16) RIGHT this second.

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