Saturday, February 07, 2009


Besides being the best little Etsy model ever, Charleigh keeps me laughing.

"Mom, turn on the rodeo. I want to hear some music."

And just now...

"Mom. I saw a commercial. And your blanket falls off. And you can get trapped inside."

hmmmmm....I think I can see where that fear came from.


Anonymous said...

My favorite:

At the craft show-

"Charleigh. Flush your potty and wash your hands."

"Jasmine! THAT is not my potty."

"Charleigh. Just flush the toilet anyway.

"Well. I was just saying... it isn't mine."

Mini Me's Room said...

Still the cutest button to ever live! :) Say hi for me.

Sara said...

Love that girly so much...hope she doesn't forget me :)

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