Sunday, January 25, 2009

To Mother You

This is the song my dear friend Candice sang at Vintage yesterday. I've been humming it all day and thinking about that service. This was the last in a series entitled, "God, is THAT you?" where we looked at ways and times God reveals Himself in ways we do not expect. Yesterday, we saw a clip from the excellent NOOMA, she, and examined passages where God shows his feminine side. Uncomfortable with that? Don't's a rich and untapped way to experience God....the way he births, nurtures and cares for us. When I think of God being like my Dad, I think of God accepting me and thinking everything I do is pretty awesome, because that is what my Dad does. When I think of God being like my mom, I am struck at how much work goes into forming a person's character...the daily sacrifice of keeping a human baby alive until they are old enough to function on their own. I think of the shock and awe that only a Mom can bring...I think of the way that only your mom can talk you off the ledge sometimes.

Not all moms are as warm and caring. As I looked around the room yesterday, the tears feel freely as I felt the loss and disappointment that many in the room felt with their own moms. They weren't being whiny and compaining...some of their moms really failed them. But God fills in the gaps. God is the perfect Mom. His fondness for his children is what we all want to bask in.

I wish you could hear Candice sing it...if I was a bit more tech savy, I could load the video and let you snuggle under the sound of her voice. But Sinead will do nicely as a substitute.


Robb said...

As I've reflected on it, I think Sunday was simply one of the most moving worship experiences of my life.

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