Monday, January 12, 2009

A Good Start

When I sat down and looked at the calendar, I realized my northern upbringing had colored the facts. When the owner at Barbara's Gardens said she would be doing her grand opening in the spring, I thought April/May. I keep forgetting that spring here is FEBRUARY. So in the next three weeks I need to stock the booth at the Gallery AND make a whole lotta flower pots!

Of course, I have tons of ideas, but the first thing that had to be done was organize the studio. And organize I did, after complaining and whining a lot. When I finally bit the bullet and spent some money on plastic bins that hold each color of china, things got a lot better in here.

But what to start on? When I saw this tray at Target, it all started to come together. By the next day, I had this piece worked out. I spent a lot on the tray to begin with (20 dollars) but it's such a great theme piece to work around, I think it will be worth it. It got the ball rolling and I was able to put a small tray together in a couple of hours last night. I want to do a jewelry box next, a candle tray, and then a framed bouquet of flowers....maybe like the beautiful bouquet my husband brought me on Saturday? He is the sweetest man.

We are finally cleaned up from the flood and I have boric acid out to fight the roaches, and the tree is now completely gone out front (So sad). Etsy sales are surprisingly steady. Charleigh is listening to her "Kiss Your Brain" CD. I walked the kids to school this morning. It's a good Monday. I hope your week is starting well, too.


klasieprof said... one who is burrowing...any word on your light box gig?...How is it working?..Any diff?

word veri: thedu: funk setting in winter months

Jasmine said...

I saw that tray at Target this weekend... I liked it... but now, I love it. Good job.

ness said...

The lightbox works especially well when you plug it in and use it.

Which I didn't do last week.

And it showed.

This morning, hubby had it set up and good to go.


Sara said...

You are so creative and inspires me to want to tap into my own creative side.

Maybe someday i will :) lol

Sara said...

by the way what is the "Kiss your Brain" CD

Mini Me's Room said...

Yeah, what is "kiss your brain"?
Like a learning cd?

bina said...

Beautiful, as always. :-)

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