Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Mattie painted this with tempera paint at school. I popped it in this frame I found while out and about the other day and liked the effect.


klasieprof said...

One thing I really like about your parenting style, is how you make your kids KNOW they are important, not by what you say...but what you do.
By hanging this on the wall, framing it, and showing us, she KNOWS that she has got it goin' on.
I know that you wanted to pursue more art classes when you were younger, and that you were stifled, BUT...Look at you now babe, look at cha now!!

Matthew said...

Classes are just another way for people to put of doing the things they want to do.

Experience is the best teacher.

Sara said...

Wow that's awesome!

Mini Me's Room said...

omg!!! That really made me gasp.

In a good way though :)

CK Lunchbox said...

HOLY CRAP! Uncle Pookie thinks Mattie is freakin way talented! Give her a big hug and tell her I said so.

AWESOME - does she give lessons.

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