Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dark and Cold

We got our power back on yesterday evening, but I couldn't get connected to the internet until today. I thought, rather than trying to describe it, I would just show you the pics.

Robb is home now, too. (He flew out on Sunday to Nashville for work.) He came home Wednesday night with a bag full of fire-logs as that was what we were running out of. On Monday, I got a new propane tank to cook on the grill with, and a box of firewood, but we quickly burned through the wood. It was not too bad, but the temp on Tuesday night was supposed to be about 10 degrees and I was worried about the pipes freezing again, as was my landlord! I just turned on the fuacet a bit to drip. Being in town, we still had water, which I could heat up on the grill for tea and hot chocolate. The kids loved having a fire in the fireplace and spent quite a bit of time cozied up there, while I was out looking for more stuff to burn. It's going to take me a little while to get out of the mode of looking at everything asking "Could I burn that?"

It was kind of exhilarating matching wits with the storm, fighting off the stomach flu, keeping kids warm and fed. But when Robb got home it all kind of hit me, and I was pretty much asleep five minutes after he got home. I cleaned up as soon as the power came on, but I'm a little sorry he didn't get a chance to see the bow-saw by the fireplace, furniture moved helter-skelter to accomodate doing all our living in the living room, and keeping the space in front of the fireplace clear to prevent a spark from doing more damage.

Things are a little tense right now. We've gotten news that our house in MI needs extensive repairs and has not gotten the kind of TLC we've given this house. It makes me really sad. It's going to take a few days to start to feel normal again, let alone deal with what has to be dealt with up there.

I know lots of others don't have power, though, so keep praying for them and for us as we deal with the aftermath.

Dang Robb, welcoming storms. Dang.


CK Lunchbox said...

I'm glad you guys are ok, but I hope it does warm up for you.

Sara said...

We got the ice too.. .some it may melt today as the sun is coming in and out... love ya!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. I am glad you are safe and happy in your little nest with your family. Ice pictures are so pretty. I know it is dangerous, but it sure is gorgeous!

Candice Houston said...

Yeah, dang Robb and yer storms....

Blueberry Shoes said...

omg those pics are beautiful!

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