Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thousands and Thousands of Words

It's been a long time since I actually wrote about something on my blog. With the holidays being so busy and signing up with Facebook, and with the changes at Vintage, I just stopped really revealing anything from my heart, really. I've been doing, not being. That's not a bad thing. There was much to do. But those unstudied moments are gone and they can't really be recaptured. For a long time before that happened, I had the luxury of taking the time to experience things twice...first in reality, and secondly, in re-counting and re-framing it here.

Being away has given me time to think. The strange frame of sleeping in my old bedroom makes things look much different. Externally, I am just visiting family for Christmas. Internally, I am struggling to find the words to try to catch you up. To try to catch myself up.

It's all just so ironic. We plan. We picture. We project. But then life just is what it is...and it unfolds as it really is: messy, hard, scary, wonderful, funny, exhausting, ironic, measured. We all get the same basic set up. Some people make a lot of it. Some people never seem to get the hang of it. Some people are like me....a little slow to realize what's happening until it's over....

So for now, I'll post some pictures.

Here are our friends who met us in Lansing for lunch. They love us and we love them. Warts and all.

Here are some shots of opening presents from Robb's family; Some of them spent their Christmas in a hospital, holding a 6 pound newborn with very dark hair, and some of them were spoiling us rotten, and my poor Father in Law was at home relaying messages!

Here are some shots of Christmas here, where it was all about the kids...because...well....just look at those faces!


Mini Me's Room said...

she got bitty baby twins,eh? How she liking them??

Candice Houston said...

Yeah. Just, you know, yeah....and I love Donna!

Jess said...

"Some people never seem to get the hang of it. Some people are like me....a little slow to realize what's happening until it's over...."
I am with you. A few times though over the holidays I really looked at my monkeys and soaked up the dimples, the gaps in the teeth, the long eyelashes, the curves of the cutest little upper lips, and the new freckles. I wish I could do that every day. I've been such a Martha recently getting ready for the move. :( Glad you are back safe and sound bloggy friend.

Life with Kaishon said...

I could look at kids opening presents all day : ). How precious!

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