Sunday, December 28, 2008

Photos from the Road

Here are a few randoms things that made me pick up my camera. The ice in Indiana was so thick...hard to believe it got thicker after we passed through. The second one is a Sundog, a weather phenomena I had read about, but never actually seen before. It is a rainbow ring around the sun that happens with ice crystals. It was 2 degrees that day, with a windchill of -30. Next, a shot of the interior of Chicago...touristy, I know, but I couldn't quite bring myself to be too cool to notice. The last two are of a tree that has been there ever since I can remember, just up the hill from the church where I grew up. I liked it as a kid, and I found myself picking up the camera while driving, which Robb disapproved of, so he took the last picture.


gerbmom said...

come back to Chi-town any time and we'll go take lots of pix! :)

BTW at least you had your camera when you saw the sundog - last year I saw a gorgeous one on my way to work. Alas - no camera. Shoot.

Safe journey home!

Life with Kaishon said...

I have to go read all of your Christmas posts. I am going to save it for tomorrow when I have lots of free time : ) but for now I just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you have a wonderful year.

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