Friday, November 21, 2008


It's been a crazy, crazy week, and I am so thrilled that it is finally Friday! I am still working away on the two HUGE pots I got from the shop yesterday...she was out of little ones, so I am plugging away, hoping to have them ready by 2 this afternoon. Thanks for all your encouraging words on the small one...these are fun to make and have great impact. I've had a lot of questions from people about teaching a class, and I'm going to look into which venue would be the best one for that. It's such a relaxing pastime, especially yesterday when the sun was shining in my windows (clean windows thanks to VF) with iPod blaring, and creativity pumping through my veins.

Sadly, that's probably not all that is pumping through my veins. Despite Matthew's concerns for my heart, I had a hankering for the food of my people...the Polish ones...So I made a batch of home made applesauce with a dash of cloves, fried latkes, and good ol' keilbasa for supper last night...a little kraut with the meat, a little sour cream for the latkes (or potato pancakes for you non-Europeans)....mmmmmm.....cholesterol......

ok. Salad for supper tonight. Or maybe pizza. I'm only 34!


Anonymous said...

Please come and cook dinner for me... I'll buy the food- you can use all my kitchen gadgets... I just want THAT meal.

Matthew said...

"Despite Matthew's concerns for my heart, I had a hankering for the food of my people...the Polish ones..."

Do keep in mind that I'm also the one who doesn't think butter (in moderation, of course) is at all bad and who was shameless and hypocritically pushing popovers and pannakuken. ;-)

I maintain, though, that every adult should have their blood lipid profile checked. I also think most (not all, of course, but most) adults (partiularly those with heart disease and diabetes in their backgrounds) would benefit from adding cod liver oil (inexpensive) or fish oil capsules (expensive) and fresh flax seed meal (cheaper than dirt if you buy it at the ONC and grind it yourself) to their diets.

I'm a one-note Charlie on this matter, I fear.

You know, I think a pound of flax seed is what I'm giving everybody for Christmas this year...heh! A pound of flax seed and a quart of codliver oil--how does that sound for a stocking-stuffer. ;-)

ness said...

pannakuken....I looked it up and the recipe requires you to run through the house yelling "Pannakuken" at the top of your lungs when you make it.

This doesn't sound like the food of YOUR people, Matthew.

Matthew said...

"This [pannakuken] doesn't sound like the food of YOUR people, Matthew."

Of course not, I figure the Finnish stole it from the Dutch. My half-brother once assured me it it was originally Finnish, but I'm sure the Dutch (Pannekoeke), Germans (Pfannkuchen), Swedish (Pankaka), and Danes (Pannekake) would claim it as well.

Finnish indigenous cooking usually consists of horrible things like blood sausage and unnatural fish recipes (ask Robb about lutefisk sometime and see if he flinches) and is combined with obscene amounts of alcohol so the, gourmands don't have to think about the vile things they're consuming.

My approach to it is probably a bit barbaric even by Finnish standards. I use the same batter recipe I'd use for making popovers. If it rises properly I call it a popover, if it doesn't rise as much or collapses, I call it pannakuken. I tried cooking some over a campfire in a dutch oven recently. The result was edible but would have been better if I had taken the lid off after 30 minutes instead of 15.

Robb said...

mmm ... lutefisk

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