Friday, November 28, 2008

Stick a fork in me....I'm done.

With much grumbling and complaining, I got up this morning around 4 a.m. to head out with Robb to the Black Friday sales. The kids were spending the night with their friends next door, and we were free to go to bed early so we could be fully rested for our adventures today.

Of course, we didn't do that. We were glued to Season One of Mad Men and I had a little trouble drifting off after Roger Stirling climbed 21 flights of stairs after a lunch of oysters and martinis, which he promptly barfed in one of the most realistic scenes I've ever scene on film....I did finally fall asleep to dream that piles of rats had been exterminated in an outhouse, which I apparently owned and didn't think I could live without, even though the piles of dead rats, which had strangely comedic faces, tempted me to just burn it all down. From there, I was headed to a conference between a convent and some kind of Baptist Fundamentalists, where I found myself sitting at long, uncomfortable tables covered in that dreadful table paper, with my husband....who proceeded to tell all the fundamentalists that I had a terrible swearing problem. And to prove it, he let Charleigh say a bad word in front of them all. I was so mad at him, I stormed out...I remained pretty cranky with him until he put a Starbucks in my hand several hours later.

But by 12:15, we were home again with a trunk full of presents for the whole family. I may pick up a few stocking presents, but the kids, nieces and nephews are DONE. We arrived home feeling pretty triumphant until we found miss Muffet in a heap, having tossed her cookies. She's still pretty green around the gills. As per our agreement, we have the neighbor's kids now, and hopefully, no one else will be struck down with any plagues.

And now, all I want in the world is a cup of tea to help unclog my stuffy head, a warm blankie, and maybe later...some leftovers.


gerbmom said...

ha ha ha! We JUST watched that episode today! Lucky me - we have one more episode on that disc, and one more disc to watch tonight snuggled under a blankie on the couch.

Sorry to hear about the barfing....
at least it wasn't oysters and martinis......

Hope you guys had a great thanksgiving!

wendy said...

i think you hit on a good point--i didn't see the long john silver's angle. that, my friend, is the long john silver lining to my gray clouds.

Sara said...

So was the swearing apart of the dream? If so too funny, if not, it's still's gotta be a dream...the rats were.

I'm getting to be to gullable during this 6 month of pregnacy...ahhhh!!

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