Monday, October 27, 2008

Walk to School

I try, on most days, to walk the kids to school. It saves that little bit of gas, and on the mornings when the sun is shining, it is actually a little safer than driving with the extreme sun-glare we get. (You cannot see a thing through your windshield, and I have been known to stick my head out the window to avoid running over someone.) This morning, I checked the weather, and I knew it was cold, so I made the kids wear hat and gloves with their puffy vests. They thought I was crazy, but as our walk went on, they thanked me.

Not only is it good exercise, I really love the time with the kids and the outdoors. On the way back, Charleigh and I have funny chats and talk about our plans for the day. It is a great time to think, breathe and take a fresh look at everything around us. I took these pictures on a warmer morning not long ago so you could "walk" with us.


tammi said...

Ooooh, I'm SO jealous! I WISH we lived close enough to either of the kid's schools (or daddy's) to walk!

Enjoy it! Not everyone is so fortunate!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ness! Today is my "catch up on life day"... I sooo.... know how you have been feeling. After Isaiah started acting like himself, I looked around my house- and said to myself, "WTF! What happened to my house- where did my sanity go?" So I am catching up on school work, cleaning, and cooking.
I will let you know how it goes- it might just have to involve wine!

Rebeckah said...

I wish we could walk. There is no sidewalk on our way to school though and I am pretty sure we would be killed on the first day. But it is a nice thought : )! Very nice!

12-arrows said...

Oh you are living my ultimate dream. . . .walking the kids to school each day. I pray for that for us. I hate the bus. We live 3 minutes, literally from our kids school and the bus ride is almost an hour morning and night! You are blessed. Enjoy and know that I am enjoying it for you here!

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