Sunday, October 26, 2008

na na na nah

na na na nah
hey hey hey

This was the epic garage sale where I actually. Sold. Everything.


12-arrows said...

even you SOFA?????? and by the way whats so wrong with it? It looks sweet to me. Just curious because you have posted quite a few times about it and its picked my curosity.

I sold so many things Friday off of Craigs list. Amazing. I listed them all Friday morning and by Friday afternoon they were all GONE! Love it and such a good feeling to have really gotten rid of STUFF.

ness said...

YUP! Even my sofa! We bought it for Robb's office back in MI for 10 dollars from a benefit sale and really loved the shape. But it was suppose to have buttons on the cushions, which I tried repeatedly to replace, but the vinyl was torn and they kept pulling through. If you left them there, they left weird bumps that REALLY discouraged being a couch potato! The cushions got so thin, you could feel the springs underneath. It was a good little couch for us for a while. I have no intention of buying anything "brand new" but it was definitely time to find something more inviting to take a Sunday nap on!

ness said...

and oh yeah....I sold it for 20 bucks!

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