Thursday, September 11, 2008

When Good Gardens Go Bad

A month ago, we had blazing heat....and I stayed inside. Then the hurricanes began, so I stayed inside some more. This morning, before Ike decends on us, I ventured outside to survey the damages. The moral of the story is ... be careful where you plant morning glories...these are all the products of last year's seeds, which re-seeded themselves. Left unchecked, they have taken over the fences, arbors, the satelite dish and the neighbor's trees.

Lost in the vines: a small rosebush, zinnias, the world's tallest cosmos, and Matthew's shrimp beans.


Matthew said...

Did I give you any of the Sacred Basil? You know how Thai Basil has an anise flavor? Sacred Basil has a cloves flavor.

ness said...

sadly, I killed it. It was just too hot for it when I started it, got it to germinate, and then promptly scorched it.

The mint is going like mad though!

Matthew said...

Excellent! It'll be a pernicious weed before you know it. ;-)

Rebeckah said...

Your backyard looks very spacious and only slightly overgrown. And who really cares about slightly overgrown?

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