Thursday, September 11, 2008

What is this bug...

and why do I keep finding them walking across my floors????


Amy said...

Haven't commented in awhile and I thought I was caught up yesterday then I logged on today and, Wow, lots of stuff!

So, here goes...the bug, don't know what it is but we could sure use it for the dreaded science class, bug project.

2. I use V8 in chili, taco soup and most anything else calling for tomato sauce - how funny. I ALSO love liver and onions. We had enchiladas tonight made with a bunch of stuff in the pantry, including yellow corn, black beans and canned chicken. I love canned chicken!

3. LOVE those purple beans - do they taste like green beans?

4. I think we have matching leather recliners, except mine is a red color.

5. I had conversations w/my youngest today who was born a couple of years after 9/11. He still has questions forming in his brain, I can tell.

That's it, I'm done. :0)

Plant Freak said...

Looks like a ground beetle. Check this site for an ID

ness said...

Amy, I wish I had known you needed bugs...we have a huge collection we started this summer from pool skimmings....wonderful beatles, dragonflies, bees, and of course, this guy!

Yeah, the purple beans do taste like green beans. They freak me out a bit when I pick them because I have to do a double take that it's not a bug.

My brother hooked us up with the chair...a varitable throne where I intend to grow wide this winter.

Plant freak! Thanks much...might even be a stink beetle, which my kids will love. GREAT link...alternately love/hate it!

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