Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Simple Exercise:

I saw this on blogger-friend Jess's blog and it appealed to me on this a hectic morn.

September 16, 2008
Outside My Window… the busy sounds of a calm, crisp morning
I am thinking… about how to invest the day.
I am thankful for… resolution for some jarring notes.
From the kitchen… warmed up chicken chili for lunch today and hopefully I'll get around to making's been on my list for so long now...
I am wearing… white t-shirt, my wretched but oh so comfortable black velour sweats, and a long brown velour tunic.
I am creating… a pallette of paint chips for the new church building.
I am going… just a little crazy.
I am reading… just blogs for now...and maybe I'll pick up The Life of Pi and feel smart with the other Church Street Book Clubbers.
I am hoping… always, always hoping.
I am hearing… Charleigh singing to herself one of her made-up songs.
Around the house… it feels calm and ready. The new system for stuff is working well.
One of my favorite things… The tall, odd tree at the end of the street.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
1. find my mosaic mojo
2. paint something
3. finish cleaning up in the back many morning glory vines...
Here is picture thought I am sharing…


Matthew said...

Just think of the morning glory vines as future compost for the next generation of garden plants (you should be pleased at the amount of biomass they will shortly be providing). ;-)

bosqeaux said...

is this picture your version of the rose on the piano keys?

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