Monday, September 29, 2008

I've been tagged

My blogger friend Cindy from 12 Arrows has tagged me for 7 random facts about me. So here goes....Shnikees...what haven't I revealed on this blog already? You already know about my unfortunate brush with superglue in my eyeballs and how I failed a syphilis screening test. You know that I have an unsold house in a different time zone because I moved across the country with my husband to plant an unusual church. In fact some of you have already endured not 7 but 100 random things about me.

So let's see...what could I add to that already ridiculously random list?

My first crush was Peter Jennings. Followed by Kirk Cameron and a kid in my class named Uriah Wells. He had flaming red hair and freckles and I hope like mad that I never bump into him on Facebook. I went on to date 4 red-headed guys. Robb has a red beard, but dark blond hair. Now THAT is random.

I hate to drink milk out of a white Styrofoam cup. I just think it's nasty.

I've never taken an art class. Someday, I would love to.

I'm terrified of masks. I seriously hate them as much as snakes or rubber snakes. They freak me out. I think it's from that episode of Little House of the Prairie that
my mother didn't want me to watch.

My Sunday school teacher when I was 8 years old is still teaching Sunday school. She is a fascinating and forceful lady who has watched hundreds of kids over the years because she deeply believes in them. She was the first person I "met" in church and she gave me my first Bible...a red one. In all my years in churches since, I've never met anyone like her.

Over the years, people have thought that I am much more confident than I really am. There are a few people in my life that are truly great, but I am not one of them. I reveal things about myself on my blog because I think Christians learn from one another's struggles and other people just enjoy voyeurism in general, NOT because I think anything I do is great. Martha Stewart I am not (obviously). Erma Bombeck, maybe.

I used to pick out a theme color for my school supplies each year. In 9th grade it was yellow. That was not a good year.

And now, I crown:

Heidi, Donna, Hannah, Jess, Tammi, Ashley, and Amy. Rock on, girls. C'mon and make it really random... I need a laugh.


Anonymous said...

LOL. You crack me up!

12-arrows said...

Love it! you make me smile! I have a friend who also color-coordinated her school supplies. LOL. . .thanks for being such a good sport. It's the deep things of life we need to learn from one another! LOL seriously, though, I love reading your blog and you are right its about learning and growing and in our sharing if we can touch someones life just a little bit in those areas we are on the right path.

Ron said...

Uriah Wells was actually David Curruso - he changed his name after he got into showbiz

wendy said...

just letting you, we are having an emergency yard sale Friday and Saturday that is going to include some amazing vintage dresses (especially the 1950s cocktail dress)!

ness said...

wendy! what are you asking for your dresses? If I an afford, them, just set them aside for me! email me at vryers at gmail dot com.

Heidi said...

ha! Love the color coordinated thing = ) I'm in the process of posting mine...did it on the soap blog this time.

tammi said...

I did my seven on my blog.
And boy are they RANDOM.
Nudist colony vacations, adoption, and grocery checkout lines....
You asked for it.

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