Saturday, April 21, 2007

100 Random things...

This is a popular post I have seen recently on several blogs, so here is my list of random things about me.

1. I have a spit thing...anything that spit touches, grosses me out. And yes that does include eating from the same fork as my husband.

2. I was born in PA, and have subsequently lived in NYC, MA, MI and now AR.

3. I refuse to make any more cross-country moves, so I am determined to like AR.

4. Johnny Cash helps me like AR.

5. We've moved 8 times in the 10 years we've been married.

6. I have an older brother and two younger sisters.

7. My parents are still married and their parents were still married when they died.

8. I wanted to be a Pastor's wife when I grew up.

9. I was not a Christian then.

10. I graduated from a private school where our skirt had to touch the floor when we were kneeling and blue denim was verbotin. Other colors of denim were okay.

11. I still remember most of the other rules in our school handbook, which was about 50 pages long.

12. I like the KJV of the Bible, but I don't recommend it.

13. I have a BA in Bible and High School English education.

14. I've never taught English.

15. My entire life turned out the way it did because I got cast as the lead role in a Greek tragedy.

16. I have three children and have been pregnant twice.

17. I can't find my college diploma.

18. I super-glued my eyes shut.

19. I have been tested for syphillis and herpes by overzealous physician's assistants who watched too many episodes of ER.

20. I've been happily married to a pastor for over 10 years.

21. We once recieved an insurance settlement for soot damage from a ship cleaning its boilers in port.

22. I've been burglarized by a drug addict who pooped on my floor.

23. I've been accused of looking too young, but that was years ago.

24. I had my appendix removed when I was 7 years old.

25. I still have two wisdom teeth that don't really fit in my head. That might be a metaphor.

26. I plant flowers and veggies every year but usually have nothing to show for it after about two months.

27. I have lived through at least 3 tornados in 3 states...which all claim to NOT have tornados.

28. I have never wrecked a car.

29. I did spin a car into oncoming traffic doing 75 mph in four lanes of heavy traffic outside of Boston while 4 months pregnant and with my mom in the car.

30. My mother won't ride in a car with me.

31. My favorite snack is microwave popcorn and peanut M&M's...together.

32. I know how to treat Diabetic insulin shock.

33. I prefer painting, sanding, and wallpapering to laundry, dishes or vacuuming.

34. I hate baths.

35. I love freshly plowed dirt.

36. I know a little bit about everything, but not enough about any one thing.

37. I google things constantly during the day.

38. When something breaks in our house, I try to fix it.

39. I HATE snakes. Even rubber ones.

40. My children put a rubber snake in my Christmas stocking and I screamed.

41. I have bungee-jumped.

42. Mostly, I bungee-jumped because it was free, not because I enjoy doing crazy things.

43. I rarely pay more than 5 dollars for anything that I wear.

44. I once bought a diamond worth 600 dollars for a dime.

45. I once bought a change purse for a dime and found a gold wedding ring inside.

46. I once bought a map for 2 dollars and sold it for 700 dollars.

47. I consider myself a professional treasure hunter.

48. Ebay is my friend.

49. I never had a best friend until I met my husband.

50. I never had my hair cut until I was in 7th grade.

51. I've been to Niagra Falls at least 5 times, but never been to Florida...yet.

52. I like to fly. On airplanes.

53. My grandparents have all died and I miss them terribly.

54. I've lost count of the number of funerals I've attended.

55. I used to sing in a travelling girl's singing quartet. We had matching dresses and everything.

56. That might be part of why I had no friends.

57. I have a lot of pathetic stories from when I was a kid that make my husband laugh....hard.

58. I accidently immitate people's accents when I am talking to them.

59. I wouldn't hesitate to paint a wall black or any other color...besides white.

60. I love to attend auctions.

61. I could eat southern bbq with a cold beer anytime.

62. I've had dinner at the Skylon restaurant overlooking Niagra Falls, the BC Club, which only allows Boston College Faculty, and a couple of swanky places in NYC..and I knew what to do with all the forks.

63. I met Elizabeth Hasselbeck before she was on Survivor.

64. I used to babysit for a professional football player when I was in highschool.

65. I am not now, nor have I been at any other time in my life, "neat."

66. I need glasses but frequently forget to wear them.

67. I don't have many pet peeves....but please don't put my syrup in the fridge.

68. I think cigarettes smell fantastic.

69. I've never smoked one.

70. I got really drunk once. Just to see what it was like.

71. I collect antique photographs of houses.

72. I got a C in typing and Spanish and Algebra.

73. Our next-door neighbors when I was first married were lesbians named Big Liz and Little Liz.

74. I stayed out all night once in high school, but my parents didn't get mad at me because I was a "good kid."

75. I've always wanted to be a redhead.

76. I like my name.

77. I would take a steak over salad any day.

78. I cut my family's hair.

79. I know how to sew. But I don't do it much.

80. I drink a pot of coffee a day.

81. I'm old fashioned and traditional.

82. I've been to Atlantic City and liked it.

83. I always wanted to live in a Lighthouse.

84. I've never tried sailing, but I bet I would get seasick.

85. I've had food poisoning twice.

86. I can play the piano and sing at the same time.

87. I have a guitar that I like a lot.

88. My kids think I work too much.

89. I do work too much.

90. Strangers rarely annoy me. I figure I won't have to put up with them long.

91. I prefer natural fabrics.

92. I love McDonalds even though it's so bad.

93. I hate Burger King.

95. I'm not good with numbers.

96. I'm not a pessimist, I just don't think there really is a glass.

97. I'm easy to please.

98. I could eat berries every day.

99. I hate politics.

100. I think about going back to school to become a nurse.

101. I don't have any quirks, really.

...and you?


Robb said...

Let's start a new game.

102. You don't like making phone calls.

ash said...

103. you love lima beans...and would make them with meatloaf every time you made dinner in high school...

Robb said...

104. You don't really like chocolate ice cream, which the rest of us find very strange.

ash said...

105. you can act out the entire movie of "anne of green gables" with courtney as your supporting hair wanna-be indeed..

klasieprof said...

106. You make the best Babette from Babette's Feast movie

courtney said...

106. You thinks two pairs of underware are always better than one.
107. You get three or more pets than trade them in for a baby and start over on the pets.
108. Even at nine months of pregnancy, you still have a better figure than your younger sister.

I laughed so hard at this post that Ron thought something was wrong with me.

courtney said...

Btw, Robb, She's not the only one on 102 and 104.

courtney said...

oops! I can't count!!!

sara said...

109. You don't like asking moms to work in the nursery

110. You are a mom who works in the nursery.

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