Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yup it's official...

I'm crazy.

The truth is, I never actually finish any of my pieces until they are ready to go out the door. I usually post them to Etsy before they have backing or details, sometimes without sealer and other stuff that doesn't show. It's this weird thing about me, but I saw Ty Pennington on Leno one night and he said he was going to have a T-shirt made that said, "Why finish something when you can start a new project?" That's me!

So yeah, I've got my pieces 95 percent ready to go, and I'm waiting for grout and sealer and glue to dry and so I think to myself, "Self, you've got a little grout left...what can you whip up?" And so I started another mailbox and a decoupage train-case. Why wouldn't I?


klasieprof said...

OKKKKKK so how bout an update and stuff!! My artsy best fartsy girl!!

Anonymous said...

donna does have a way of getting to the heart of the matter--courtney

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