Monday, July 21, 2008

Today's Local Yeild....

12 quarts of peaches in the freezer from the orchard 1 mile away with three pints of peach-huckleberry jam to boot. Wow, it's only 10:30 a.m. and I feel so accomplished maybe I'll take a nap.

just kidding.


Amy said...

Ooh, I grilled peaches last night w/our beer brats for dinner. Delish! The first time I've ever had them grilled and I'm hooked.

Save some and grill them. Throw them in a little honey-cinnamon- white wine-old bay seasoning wash. Mmmm.

ness said...

holy schnikees that sounds amazing.

I'm buying more peaches.

Hubby makes peach salsa with a lot of them and we could use more of that too....

Heidi said...

Mmmm, peaches. I just made peach soap that makes me want to take a bite. I'll wait a few more weeks for our peach season to start = )

Say, how about posting the recipe for this salsa we keep hearing about! I'm going to be up to my ears in peaches so I might as well have plenty to do with them. Grilling was just added to the list too = )

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