Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Junquers

I took the kids on the first of the summer junqe (that's high class trash fyi) expeditions yesterday. I was expecting a lot of whining and tearing my hair out of my head, but with the new van, everyone has enough space to themselves and they can easily get in and out by themselves. The older two had a little cash of their own and after the first stop at a church rummage sale, where everybody was able to make their own, grown up purchases, they were hooked. Mattie was proud to by a full bag of good name brand clothes all by herself for just $2.75. And Vin nearly exploded in joy when he purchased three large boxes full of Legos for just 10 dollars.

I packed ham sandwiches and snacks and for good behavior, we stopped for slushies at Sonic. We came home with a full trunk of goods for the store, new summer clothes and some fall ones to stockpile for school, and a couple of goofy movies to watch on a rainy Friday night.

Fun finds of the day--these antique blown glass Christmas beads tossed into a box of worthless Mardi Gras beads.
Time to get to work!!!


Mini Me's Room said...

Sweet!!! Sounds fun, good going vin and mattie!! :D

tammi said...

what's this?? a van?? a grocery-go-getter? A loser-cruiser??

Let's see pics!

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