Thursday, April 03, 2008


Yeah, I don't think it was a real confidence booster for Daisy to experience my first car-wreck with me. A car pulled out of the second lane into me while I was in the turning lane this afternoon. We're all fine...all of us except my poor Aztek...and oh, yeah, his car doesn't look too hot either.
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Sandy said...

Ouch is right. I am glad the damage is apparently all to inanimate objects.

A said...

Body work is optional, but make sure you get that headlight functional before driving during darkness cause Springdale's finest like to use that as an excuse to pull people over and see what else they might find. Not that they'd find anything, but you don't need any extra hassle, or tickets for defective equipment, and the associated fineage.

Ron said...

That never would've happened in a mini-van!

Matthew said...

Ness: I'm glad to hear that you and Daisy are alright.

a: HAH!!! I knew it! I used to drive a 1983 Delta 88, and was pulled over one time because I had a medium spider web crack in my windshield (long story short: I had...cough, ahem..."accidentally" tried to put my fist through it two days before and hadn't had time to get it replaced). There was also some nonsense about me running a stop sign which was purely bull because 1) I am very anal about coming to complete stop at all stop signs (no rolling stops for Pelto either); 2) that particular piece of junk would have flipped if I had some much as attempted what they described (one of them said I hadn't even slowed down to make a right angle turn--that is physically impossible in an '83 Delta 88); and 3) they didn't even give me a warning when they finished their "inspection." They asked if they could look in the backseat, and I told them to go ahead, I had nothing to hide. They looked, found nothing, and let me go on my merry way without so much as an admonishment to get my windshield fixed or to drive more carefully. I always thought that whole thing was pretty odd. The general consensus amongst my friends and relatives was that it was a "fishing" trip, and they merely wanted a pretext to look for contraband.

A said...

MCP: That's called good PC (probable cause) for a stop but not "ticket-worthy" if nothing more serious is found. Come on a ride along sometime and I'll show you how it works. While we don't engage in racial profiling, there is such a thing as vehicle profiling. Crooks tend to drive certain kinds of cars that have a certain appearance. We call them POS's.

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