Friday, March 07, 2008

Pit Bulls, German Shepherds & Police, OH MY

So yesterday was a little bit nutty for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was when Charleigh told me that "a coyote was licking your table."

What she meant, apparently, was that the dogs from the neighbor's house behind ours had broken through the fence and were sniffing around my outdoor mosaic table. In their excitement and consternation, the children let Sid out where the two dogs...a pit bull and german shepherd...were casing our backyard joint.

Having heard these two growl at me at more than one occasion, I called Sid in, and sent her to my bathroom (her own private decompression chamber...complete with magic water fountain). And then I called animal control.

About a half hour later, a young officer arrived and went out to assess the situation. Of course, the two dogs had gone back and forth from our yard to theirs several times, which prevented Robb and I from just boarding it up ourselves. Long story short, despite the fact that the dogs weren't terribly aggressive, one got pepper spray and one got tazed. The fence is temporary patched up and now I'm pretty sure the dogs will hate me even more. I didn't file a report or anything however, as I don't want to be ridiculous...I just didn't want to face the two dogs alone.

Never a dull moment.


carahinojosa said...

I'm picturing that scene from "A Christmas Story"...:)

H said...

Why is life so ridiculously random? Do you remember being a kid and being so bored? Oh for a little boredom now!

Matthew said...

People need to keep their animals properly confined--especially when the animals in question are pit bulls and German Shephards. Those kinds of dogs have an awful lot of big, sharp teeth to be wandering around unsupervised.

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