Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paint the town red, Butterfly style


That's right, I am on a roll, and yesterday I continued my house makeover. I started with removing the faux fence on the front of the house(ok, actually, I am a random processor and did this particular project half way through the kitchen paint job). Anyway, the annoying thing about this faux fence was that it was totally wasted space. Only about 22 inches wide, you couldn't sit out there and so the kids would often park their bikes there instead. Now, you can actually sit in the rocker and soak up some morning sunshine or watch the kids playing out front. I'll need to touch up the columns, but I should be able to finish that today.

Next, if you have ever wondered just how far a gallon of paint can go, let me tell you it will easily do a front door, shutters, screen door, back door, outdoor table, swing, coat rack and oh yeah, your small galley kitchen. Leaving enough for...6 or eight other small projects. This is McCloskeys outdoor acryllic latex, one coat, primer and paint all in one, in the redwood color. You can use this paint to paint literally anything, including your faded vinyl siding. I paid 16 dollars for a gallon at Walmart. I am a fan!!!
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I also attacked the back door and screen door, which let's be honest, is less a screen door and more innumerable layers of old paint (which I'll be vacuuming up soon.)  
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Finally, I gave formerly orange kitchen the red treatment as well. When we moved in, we only expected to be here for a year. So why not paint the kitchen an outrageous shade of orange? But since we'll be here for at least another year, it just made sense to use a quart of paint to make the colors more cohesive through the house. Don't you love how I was able to just photoshop those dirty dishes out of the pictures? Ok, not really... 
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Not only am I random processor, I am a bulk processor. Which means that I like to do all the similar projects together. That's because I don't transition well. And I don't like to be interrupted. My friend H says it's because everyone fits on the autistic spectrum. And my friend Shari says it was a problem that developed from my kindergarten teacher. Whatever it is, I hope that I soon get the bug to mop and vacuum all my floors. Because let's face it...I was painting, not cleaning.


Mom Mattocks said...

You are your father's daughter....I love the's kinda like looking at my kitchen....I think you should send Walmart a link because your post reads like a paint ad. You crack me up!

Sandy said...

What a terrific job! I love the way your front porch looks now.

12-arrows said...

adorable! cozy, comfortable, inviting. . . .

carahinojosa said...

Nice job! So do you tape everything off or just dive right in?

tammi said...

lurve it.
red is one of my favorite decor colors.

ness said...

tape? What the heck is that? All you need is a good brush and a quart of paint and you're good to go!

(or at least you are after being apprenticed as a painter to my father since the age of 5 and then you earn your stripes painting every house and church in 4 states)

hee hee...yes, this is my fourth red paint job....i love it so much I convinced my parents to paint their walls red after 28 years of navaho white walls.

akr said...

yeah for red!! I love it!

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