Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who's That Tapping At My Door

I noticed this little guy out my front door today. But apparently, he saw the chalk outline where the kids had been playing crime-school yesterday and decided to get outta here.
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klasieprof said...

THIS Is crackin me up!!!

I saw it earlier when I was at one of the School's but for some reason couldn't post.

I KNOW you are just being a BIIIAAATTTCHHH because we will NOT be seeing any Robin's around these parts for a WHILE. At least for THEIR sake's I hope not.
Deer are coming out in droves looking for food because everything is frozen over and food is scarce.

I must be hungry because I thought if I deep fried a Robin, there wouldn't be much meat on it. LOL!!

kgpaschal said...

Hello, I just tried to e-mail you at your e-bay account and realized you may not be able to reply to it. My e-mail is I think your mosaic pieces are just splendid. Kate

12-arrows said...

Ahhh the signs of spring. . . . I am so anxious for them here. I did, however, step outside one morning this week and heard a few birds chirping away. I just closed my eyes an invisioned it to be a springday!

Matthew said...

The Snowdrops and Hellebores are blooming, Witch Hazel has been in bloom for about 2 weeks now, and red cedar pollen is blowing over from Texas (else my allergist lies)--it must be spring.

Time to go looking for Bloodroot and White Trout Lily. :-)

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