Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So I put up all my mosaic and crafty things this week on ebay, which you can see if you get off your bloglines reader and check my widget (A sentence which made my mother scratch her head.) I feel so vulnerable letting the world see what I made. What if they hate them? Think they are dumb? What if I missed some cardinal rule of mosaics that renders my work inferior and sad? I don't know. But picture me with my chin out, looking brave, even if I don't feel like it on the inside.


Heidi said...

Well, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to mosaic artwork, but I think your stuff is awesome! I really like how you use other elements like vintage frames.

A said...

Shouldn't Robb be the only one checking your widget?

H said...

Your mosaics are wonderful. Not to mention the wonderful thing about mosaics is that every one is different, and there is not "right" way, only your way.

By the way, does the word juniorhighish mean anything to you, A?

tammi said...

Good for you!
One of the hard things about being an artist is loving what you create, no matter what other people may think of it.
Hone your skill, make your art for you and if people love it and buy it - bonus! But first and foremost, do it because you love it. And love it because it's an expression of YOU and your own vision, not someone else's. Anyway, I'm blathering....:)

Good luck!

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