Monday, February 11, 2008

Still Thinking

I am still mulling over the thoughts that emerged from the Bible reading discussion. One theory that I am entertaining is the intersection between community and Bible reading that has been absent since the Bible became available and affordable for individuals, which is a fairly recent event. Consider how before that time families may have owned one Bible that they read together. Or a community only heard the Bible from church. It seems to me that the balance was tilted too far in the direction of the individual, the student poring over the textbook rather than the community experience of hearing, reading, and learning the Bible together. I wonder if Bible reading might have more meaning to us all if it was read like a book for a Oprah's bookclub...a shared experience where your involvement in the reading is a contribution to a whole.

And on a side note, Mattie has been reading the Bible voraciously recently. She is so excited about what she is reading and has been peppering Robb and I with questions. She plowed through the book of Ruth and then jumped into the Gospels and Acts. She has a keen mind and asks good questions. I think she is impressed that Robb and I have answers to her questions and we love how fresh it is for her.

Lastly, I mentioned that I have been reading in the Psalms. I am using the Bible-zine Robb got for me a couple of years ago, Becoming. The format works well for me and helps me overcome some of my mental reservations.

I missed my reading yesterday. The day just got away from me.


klasieprof said...

I have a picture of middle child doing bible reading at camp. It touches my soul.
I remember that magazine thing you got.
Maybe we could start an online bible study thing...NOTHING you gotta do this or that, but just "sharing" the loose sense of the word.
I'd be in for that.
mAYBE...Pic a book, talk..share...not get verclempt?

I'm in.

akr said...

I think that's a really good insight about the whole community thing. The other thing I think really affects it is Christian school and college...don't get me wrong...I'm not knocking them. But, the Bible tends to get to be more like a text book at times and I think it does have an impact...I saw it with a lot of my students and have heard it from a lot of people who went to Christian school. I don't know how you could change that. I tried to really make my bible classes more interactive and applicational..and fun too.

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