Saturday, February 02, 2008

Rest In Peace, Chloe-Dog

She was admittedly, at times, a real bitch
and wouldn't hesitate to passive-aggressively pee on something
if you displeased her,
But she was also the bravest of any dog under 6 pounds
and fearlessly killed more than one woodchuck by herself.
A bigger-than-life personality
who only consented to not being the center of attention
if you let her get under the blankets too.
A good friend and a completely understanding listener
with silky ears and a crooked tail, she was
born in Brooklyn and traveled wherever in the world any car would take her.
She gave us 10 years to cuddle her, fight over her, secretly feed her stuff she shouldn't have, laugh at her and love/hate her.
Happy Hunting, funny girl.


tammi said...


klasieprof said...

ah man...what a bummer.

Jess said...

I'm so sorry! On a totally different note, do you have an archive about your adoption story, etc. I'd love to hear more about that season of your life, and then, if you are up for some questions about the process, I have a couple (OK - like 1,000).

Sandy said...

I am so sorry.

Ron said...

The dog DIED? And no one thought to call me? That dog has been the source of at least half of my mom-n-dad joke routine...

ness said...

Uh, you're gonna need a little sensitivity training there, dude.

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