Thursday, February 21, 2008

I apologize for the lull

I guess after the business of last week, I've just longed for solitude and quiet...even from myself. I'm still working at getting the hang of adding Bible reading to my day, but I've done okay...certainly not 100 percent, but even some is better than none.

Our house was shown to a potential buyer this week. Seriously. It was not a great showing due to the renters, however...who have, we discovered, four dogs in my house. Four. So at least I can stop worrying about saving up that security deposit of theirs that I spent a long time ago. I gave myself about 5 minutes to be heartbroken over my beautiful house that I loved so much and worked on every inch made me feel rather stupid and worthless for putting so much care into it. But then I made myself stop thinking about it and just tried to be grateful that even though things have been tight for us financially, we aren't losing that house and we've still got a roof over our heads. And I know good and well just how much can be done with a good cleaning and fresh paint when the time comes.

I still count myself blessed.

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