Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cream of Potato Soup -Do Not Add Cell Phone

That's right...One minute I'm stirring Don's Famous Potato Soup (or my pathetic take on it) and the phone rings....The next minute, I'm plunging my hand in the boiling pan to retrieve my life-line with the world.

My hand kinda hurts.

The phone is still working, sort of, but the down cursor doesn't work.

And it smells like garlic. Lots of garlic.


tammi said...

Which is worse:
a) Plunging your hand into a vat of boiling hot potato soup to retrieve phone
b) Plunging hand into (used) toilet water to retrieve cell phone
c) Jumping into shallow end of swimming pool (with clothes on) to retrieve cell phone

I've only done the latter, but acquiring first degree burns on your hand ranks right up there.

H said...

Yeah, I rode home (20+ minutes) with my cell phone in a milkshake.

My sister has fished them out of toilet, more than once.

What does it say that all of our cell phones are trying to commit suicide?

klasieprof said...

But but DID eat the soup yes??????

ness said...

oh yeah, we ate the soup....Vin said it was his second favorite potato soup...after Don's.

phone seems to be working well this morning.

Thank goodness I had already thickened the soup, huh?

ness said...

I usually have to go into the used toilet for my glasses....seriously gotta get them tightened...

I wanna know what the obsession is with making the darn cell phone smaller??? We're just gonna keep dropping the darn things! I want one with one of those big ol' secretary neck-rests on it. My purse is big enough to carry that.

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