Monday, February 04, 2008

Good Blogger/Bad Blogger

So I notice from my site meter that the number of unique visitors to Happiness has greatly increased. Unless my 50+ cousins have found me on the web, I guess these readers are not actually people I know. Part of me is a little freaked out by that...I sincerely hope none of you are axe-murderers because that would stink a little bit. But it also makes me a tad self-conscious. Because I am sometimes a good blogger and sometimes a very bad blogger....

For example...I blog often on a variety of goofy subjects, which I am trying to tag and organize. That's good.

On the other hand, my template is probably boring (but I still like's a 50's Barkcloth pattern that looks like butterflies...get it...vintage...butterfly?) And I am horribly disorganized. I write off the top of my head and rarely edit myself at all. The keyboard of my sad but FREE Dell is losing the sensory connection in the keyboard, so when you type a letter, it usually types four of the same letter, so my spelling appears to be horrendous. I'm sure you can voice other things that you hate about my blog.

I can tell you this...My blog plays a certain role in my life which I can't imagine will change...It's my source to communicate what is happening with my family, who are all over the country. It's my way to blow off steam with my friends. It's my venue to work out my opinions and observations and questions. It's my store-window for what I am making and selling. My blog is a pet and a friend.

I know there are bloggers who make money and notoriety for their blogs...and believe me, I read and enjoy some of those blogs. But for me, I hope that my goofy little blog will continue to be just a girl-friend's chat with a cup of coffee in a cozy chair.

Anything you want to talk about? I've had a request for the story of how we adopted. I love to talk wifing and parenting. Want to know more about church planting, being a pastor's wife, or the emerging church? I am proud of being a housewife and decorating my little realm. I am loving learning to mosaic and decoupage. And chatting about my thrift-store finds makes my ebay work much more interesting. So what do you want to hear more about? Get your coffee and write in...


Robb said...

I would like to hear more about that dashing husband of yours.

12-arrows said...

WOW! I am sitting here with tears running down my face as I write this. I received an anonymous letter in the mail today about my blog. It was nasty, hurtful and rude. I never thought that blogging would create enemies, or for that matter open myself up to so much criticism, as I, naively, thought that this was "my space" to voice my heart and my thoughts. I don't understand peoples arrogance, hatefulness and nastyness and so understand some of what you have shared in your blog. I am now, a bit fearful to open myself up so, this was supposed to be so we, my family and friends, can stay in touch with each others lives. How horrible its turned into something way beyond what I would have ever thought. I want to personally thank you for sharing so much of yourself. I have personally gained much from your thoughts and perspectives. If I may ask please pray with me for whoever wrote this anonymous note, we know it has to be someone close to us because they know personal things about us. Things not printed on our blog. I am praying that through this God continues to refine me and moves me closer to Him.

ness said...

Cindy, that is heartbreaking. I HATE anonymous notes...I know it makes you fearful everywhere you are that somebody is thinking hateful things about you. Like hand reaching out to hit you that you can't see and don't even see coming.

I think people that write anonymous notes need to be categorized for what they are...cowardly, judgmental, and unloving people who by their actions deny what it means to be a Christian. Jesus said we would be known for our love, not by our perfection.

For my part, I am constantly amazed and encouraged by the obvious love you have for your family and what nice children you are bringing up...they are aware of the needs of others around them and give of themselves to care for one another...I wonder where they learned that from? I am learning from your gentleness too.

Don't for one second even take those hateful words into consideration. Don't let yourself stew over if they are a little bit true or not. Remember who you work for...and it isn't church people!!!

Jae said...

Yikes! to the above comments and I feel for ya!

and then on to the trivial . . . where do you get the counter that counts unique visitors? (Alas, I'm not as savvy as I thought!) I'm sure 3 people visit my blog regularly - my mom and 2 of my sisters in law - but I'm curious to see how many "unique" people stumble across it from time to time.

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