Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Big Nutty Nut

So I had two packages purchased by one buyer. He discovered he was allergic to the paper of the two items. So I contacted the under-bidders and they both still wanted the items. But the original buyer got mixed up and sent both items to only one underbidder. So these items, which I found in PA and flew home to AR then went to FL, who sent them to NY. The good news, NY is willing to send the other item to CA where it belongs.

I have had a single roach that appears in my kitchen about once every three weeks. Lately I've seen it more often, but they are quick little buggers. And I know it's the same bug and not a lot of different ones because each time it is a little bigger and darker. Just now the darn thing crawled out from under my computer and I had the joy of smashing his little roachy self to smithereens. Seriously, what is up with the darn bugs around here???

And speaking of bugs, Robb now has the tummy one that Mattie and Vin had...which had me on the verge of taking Mattie to the ER for appendicitis because it drags on get up and feel, feel lousy, get a horrible stomach ache that keeps you awake at night, but doesn't necessarily make you throw up, and then you get up and repeat the cycle with the stomach ache getting increasingly worse and worse. And then poof, it's gone. Just like that. Mattie was mid-movie when it happened. Vin, was mid-supper. The rotten part is that yesterday was hubby's birthday and I made the most stunning stuffed pork tenderloin and apple pie. I'd eat them, but I think my tummy hurts.

No sign of lice though!


A said...

You know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and for every one roach you see, there's a thousand in the walls . . . I'd be callin' the "bug guy."

klasieprof said...

Was it PW apple pie?

I made it last week. We are not pie people.

if you haven't tried the even knocked hubs socks off...You KNOW how hard it is to do that. Absolutely. Frekin. Great.

Roaches=SUCK unless they are the kind you smoke. NOT that I'd know anything about THAT. Just sayin. My clients used to tell me that..Yah...that's it.

Throwin up=Sucks. Not being able to throw up= Sucks worse.

Heidi said...

I had that same stupid flu! What a just wouldn't go away. Mine hit right in the middle of our friends New Years Eve party. blech

carahinojosa said...

I would take a houseful of stomach bugs over lice any day. Been there. Done that. Don't want to do it again.

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