Thursday, January 10, 2008

Always Funny when She's Asleep


So much so, that Robb and I frequently take her picture when we check on her before we go to bed. This is how we found her last night.
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And here are some of our other favorites:
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12-arrows said...

I love love love to view my children when they are sleeping. They are absolutely adorable and even more precious. Your kids are beautiful!

tammi said...

How funny!
AJ is like that...contorted in all sorts of werid Houdini-like positions in bed. But he's also a sleep talker as well....last night around 11:30 as i shoved him to the middle of the bed so he wouldn't fall out he hollered out: "my puzzle! You took my puzzle pieces! Give 'em back"

H said...

Sleeping children are God's way of reminding us we love them no matter what.

Amber said...

Her friends are going to have a blast taking pictures of her at slumber parties!

Oh the bribery that will take place...

Mattie said...

it's not my fault! I'm just sleeping weird p.s. really weird

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