Wednesday, December 12, 2007


If you are on speaking terms with God, please remember some little people today.
Blog-friend Cindy has a little guy in dental surgery all day. Donna's youngest is facing her yearly battle with pneumonia. And from our small group in Michigan, 9 year old Jake had a mass removed from his lung which turned out to be cancerous.

Now go be thankful if your kids are healthy, even if they are smearing peanut butter down their shirt and fighting with their siblings.


Sandy said...

I will. and I do.


It's a shame that sometimes we have to hear of others' misforutnes to make us appreciate what we have. I always appreciate my children, but other things in life, not so much. After reading your blog I sent an extra thanks to God for all that he has done and given to me. Thanks for the reminders. I will pray for these people. Kendra

12-arrows said...

thank you dear sweet blog-friend! You really touched my heart today. I will definitely keep little Jake in my prayers. WOW! I thought ours was life altering, no way, God always has a way of putting life into perspective. I hope someday we can meet face to face! You are such a blessing to me in so many ways. Cindy

ness said...

I'm so glad things went well for Colson. Still haven't heard about Joy and Jake, but I know Donna must have had a long day.

It just seems like for some people, this is kind of a valley time, not a mountain top. And I've been in a few valleys in recent years, so my heart is tender toward them.

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