Saturday, October 06, 2007


20 Hours. It’s our new record for most hours of consecutive driving. I did about 7 hours at the tail end of Arkansas, Tennessee and again at the end of Virginia. I was excited about seeing new parts of the country until I realized that I had seen most of it already on two trips to Greenville, SC when I was in high school (much more brutal trips, even without the three kids in tow).

You know what made it bearable, even kind of fun? On Wednesday night, our friends were heading out the door after small group. “Pray for us!” we waved goodbye. Two minutes later, our friends were back at our front door. “We had the same thought at the same time.” They said almost in unison as they held out the keys to their Honda Pilot.

God bless them. A third row seat gave the kids some of their own space. And the fuses for the power outlets all work (unlike our Aztek) so the kids could watch movies. It has been an absolute blessing.

I got so tired while driving that last hour (from midnight to one a.m.) that I was pretty sure that I was being attacked by x-wing fighters. But they didn’t attack us. I guess The Force was with us. And we reached Robb’s parents’ safe and sound and slept like babies so that we could pile into the car again for another four hours to reach Maryland for the rehearsal.


Ron said...

you guys look great in that pic

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