Friday, September 14, 2007

My Camera

If you have ever wondered about what kind of camera I use for all my ebay work and the pics you see on the blog, this is my camera...the Olympus D-380. It is five years old and all of the external writing is worn off due to EVERYDAY use. I still really like it, even though i know there are lots of flashier, fancier cameras out there. I added a bigger memory card, and it has been an absolute workhorse for me.

I also have a beautiful SLR that I occasionally use for something nice. I much prefer the quality it produces, but who has time to set up a manual camera when your kids are being adorable?

(okay, okay...i'll tell you the glue story...tomorrow)


Mini Me's Room said...

out of the blue I wondered...
do you still have your dog?

Ron said...

So who won the contest?

Mini Me's Room said...

what contest?

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