Thursday, July 26, 2007

Do you know who I miss?

I miss Mattie's imaginary friends:

Curtsy-a pink lion who had hands, not paws, and she could say "Hi."

The Stinker-the bad, bad, bad character who did naughty things


The Skunk Family-nice enough on their own terms, but you didn't want to get too close.

They were an everyday part of the family for a time, and then one day, you realize they are gone. I miss the little buggers.


ash said...

cynthia told me that she sees curtsy all the time. they have tea together every now and then...

courtney said...

Before or after you kill her off again?
Dora's "silky" has a voice now--that can be kind of scarey sometimes cause it's deep voice.

Hannah said...

.....and hopefully, she will never have coffee with an imaginary friend (wink).

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