Monday, June 11, 2007

Serenity Now....

Here's a little overview of what is going on in my life right now:

My kids are home from school and I am enjoying having them around. They say funny things, like this morning, when I thanked the kids for helping me get my ebay boxes out the door, Vin said, "Hey Mom, any time." The swimming pool is still the most awesome thing we have ever bought, even though we have basically lived out the episode of the Simpsons when they get a pool. There was some kid out there yesterday that I had never met...she came and left before I ever did find out.

I continue in my war with the dog over the screen door. You've heard of "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?" I don't mind a fifth grader being smarter, but I am pretty pissed when the dog continues to outsmart me. So far, I have twice rescreened it, added a handle for the dog at the bottom of the door, and added nails across the bottom of the door to prevent her from pawing it open. She is winning, though, as there is a new hole at the bottom of the door, which as you know, only lets in the thing I really hate...FLIES. They promise to be just as horrendous as last year, when it was basically impossible to eat a PB&J outside without looking like somebody in a Sally Struthers ad.

This morning, I packed and shipped 11 ebay boxes, bought a wedding dress, talked to my friend, made a balanced breakfast for the kids and even watched part of Good Morning America. What is my secret for getting so much done with the kids around? It's called television. Don 't judge me.

Why a wedding dress? Oh that would be for the future Mrs. Carl Christensen... While I am only the Matron of Honor, I do feel a little bit like the Mother of the Bride too. I have successfully located and purchased my dress, (originally 110.00, snagged for 38 dollars with shipping!
, as well as Sara's dress (originally 799.00) for 230.00 with shipping...Hooray for Ebay. It's nice that I can use my expertise for something practical, huh? We have most of the shower planned thanks to Jaye T-who is a genius for planning. Now we just have...well...let's not think about that today, we can think about that tomorrow, fiddly-de-de. Vin, by the way, is very thrilled to be the "ring barrier" in the wedding. October 6th is the day.

I also managed to smash my toenail this morning which is now throbbing and blackened. The means to this end? What else, but a large and clunky mug of coffee which I managed to drop directly onto the toe from about chest level...don't ask because I really have no idea how I did that. It HURTS.

My usually recalcitrant 3 year old asked me if she could please go to bed after we ate lunch today. No problem, sweetie. She also informed me of an oncoming poopy with enough time to achieve potty success. This has happened so rarely, that I really needed to record it here for the world to know.

My oldest, by the way, hardly ever makes headlines here because she is so good and keeps herself busy with her books, friends, music and chores. She is the kid that made us think we were such great parents that we should take on more parenting duties. By the time we realized it was just her wonderful personality, it was too late and the kids had us outnumbered. She is currently buried in a book, still in her pjs because she, unlike the other two, knows how to sleep in on a rainy summer day. She's a genius child, I tell you.

I continue to eek by on Ebay. I have several crafty projects in mind to try my hand at selling, but only time will tell. The bottom line is, our money is so tight it squeaks right now, and I am exhausted from walking this tightrope balancing act. I look forward to a time in my life when I don't feel like freaking out because we are out of sliced cheese. These last couple of weeks have been trying. I don't feel completely freaked out on the one hand, since God has always met our needs, but on the other hand I'm just tired of it being out there, yanking us around. This week, we could get news that is great or we could get news that is devistating....(think, "Robb, you've done a great job here, but we no longer have need of your services.") Last week we got two big hits: the church in MI needs us to start repaying the loan they gave us when we bought our house there, and the bank turned us down for refinancing the house. Maybe I should be more upset about this, but I guess I just keep thinking that we serve the God that does all things justly. We have never been more careful with our money than in the last 8 months, and I know God is aware of that. I can't figure out any clear way that we can make things work, other than God doing what only God can do.

We looked at a different location for Vintage this past Friday and we are talking it over...It has some HUGE benefits and some HUGE drawbacks. It at least has the distinction of being one of the only places we can actually have a discussion about. Most of the storefronts, etc, that we have researched so far have been OUT OF THE QUESTION. So we wait and watch and pray.

Uncle Pookie is visiting my parents with his kids this week. It makes me insanely homesick. It looks like a visit home isn't gonna happen this summer. I forget now how long it has been since I saw my parents...I guess since last summer? It makes me too sad to think about any more so I'm done talking about that now.

There is considerable interest in starting a women's Bible study or book club at Vintage and it is coming together nicely. I love when a ministry starts out of enthusiasm and love and need instead of out of sense of duty and obligation. It is a wonderful thing to watch unfold.

So there's a little overview of what is shaping my day-to-day life right now. Now it's time to do a laundry...make a little supper....get down tonight...


Shari Ann said...

We need to talk! I miss you! Its funny but I always get excited when I see a long post because I know we are going to catch up a little. Tell the kids hi for me.

Hannah said...

Thank you for being so honest and reminding me that I'm really not the only one. Keep thinking while blogging, it makes for a helluva read!!!

Jody said...

Obligations at "my" church have prevented me from visiting "your" church. But a women's Bible study or book club? I'm all over it!

sara said...

no wonder why you were so busy...

Thanks for snagging that dress for me :)

sara said...

you are definately a little bit like the mother of the bride...i tell Carl all the time how unique my relationship is with you and Robb because you two aren't old enough to be my parents but you're definately closer than friends

akr said...

I'm sending a hug...not any wisdom or smart answers...just a hug!

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